Advocates in the Treasure Valley are standing against family violence and raising awareness for Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

As April begins, Advocates Against Family Violence (AAFV) is spearheading initiatives to recognize both Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month. Their efforts aim to shed light on these critical issues directly impacting the Treasure Valley community.

Highlighting the importance of collective action, AAFV emphasizes that sexual violence and child abuse are community concerns that impact everyone. The latest national data reveals alarming statistics, with approximately 1,990 children losing their lives due to abuse and neglect in the United States during the federal fiscal year 2022. Over 3.1 million children received attention from child protective services, and more than half a million were identified as victims of child maltreatment.

In 2023 alone, AAFV provided a staggering 16,713 individual services to local residents, with 405 Caldwell residents seeking assistance. Among the reported cases were 70 incidents related to child abuse, spanning from physical abuse to sexual assault, and 45 cases of adult sexual assault, including instances of human trafficking.

Kimberly Deugan, Executive Director of AAFV, stresses the importance of community involvement in prevention efforts: "We all have a role to play in identifying and intervening when necessary, and supporting victims and survivors." By fostering connected communities, AAFV aims to mitigate the risks of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment.

You can find more about their services and upcoming fundraising events and more here.

Treasure Valley community members are encouraged to engage in prevention efforts and utilize resources provided by AAFV, which are available 24/7. For further information and resources, visit or contact (208) 459-6330.

Together, the community can stand against violence and build a safer future for everyone.

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