The Boise Rescue Mission has been in the business of making the impossible possible for over sixty years. The government does not fund the Mission so that they can provide faith-based services without intervention from the state.

Whether you live in Boise or Nampa, there is no affordable housing in the Gem State. Idahoans struggle with paying the rent and feeding their families, so what happens when someone is trying to go from being homeless to being able to afford a home? Every local and state agency continues to struggle to find a solution to the affordable housing crisis.

Now the Rescue Mission has launched a program that will aid those in recovery, homeless, rehabbing from drug abuse, and veterans will have affordable transitional housing. Thanks to several donations, the Boise Rescue Mission has launched Next Step Curtis, a facility of over 57,000 square feet.

Next Step Curtis will offer homes to folks transitioning at a cost that will allow folks on a limited or fixed income to save enough money to move on to permanent housing.

The building of this new facility is a challenge even for the great Boise Rescue Mission. Every room, along with the wiring, drywall, and plumbing, have to be replaced at an enormous cost of men and material. Let's take a look at their mission in progress.

Next Step - Boise Rescue Mission

Boise Rescue Mission's Next Step Housing Facility. Next Step is currently under construction. Next Step will be able to house many families and give them access to on-site laundry rooms, shared kitchens, activity rooms, and much more.

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