Food & Wine revealed their list of the best doughnuts in every state, and there's one hidden gem in Boise that has proudly secured their spot on the list for the state of Idaho. Notorious for their fresh, locally sourced ingredients and creations, this donut shop has become a standout destination in the Treasure Valley.

Any guesses? Is your favorite Boise donut shop one of the best in America?

Located in downtown Boise, this exceptional establishment has an intriguing origin story. Built from scratch in 2012, it first operated within the walls of a historic 1903 grocery store. Today, it thrives in the iconic Idanha Building at 10th and Main Street.

Guru Donuts

Mark H. | Google Maps | Guru Donuts
Mark H. | Google Maps | Guru Donuts

Their website claims, “Through the helping hands and support of family, friends, and neighbors, Guru Donuts has grown into an incredible business with incredible team members serving the amazing community of Boise. The Guru story is one of true grit, heart-centered service, and willingness to risk everything to go after your dreams. We hope we inspire you to dream big, share joy and LOVE DONUTS.”

Food & Wine's praise for the donut shop is through the roof, applauding their dedication to sustainability, inclusiveness, and a diverse array of flavors. From 100% vegan yeast doughnuts to gluten-free rings infused with Idaho's crop and local ingredients, each creation at Guru Donuts is a masterpiece of taste and innovation. Notably, Food & Wine (and many local reviewers) highly recommend trying their weekly specials and "Winnie the Pooh," a flaky sensation dipped in a heavenly honey butter glaze.

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