The grassroots group Reject Boise Upzone needs your help if you live in Boise and would like more input on how the City will decide on new zoning regulations. The group held a rally over the weekend outside the city hall demanding the city hold off on the total transformation of their quaint Boise neighborhoods. 

The Boise City Council will vote on whether or not to approve a plan that has drawn a massive amount of public attention. Reject Boise is asking folks to attend and speak up at the public hearings that will begin tomorrow in front of the city council. Click here to register for the Tuesday afternoon meeting and here for Wednesday's.  

The report recommendations are in a 611-page report that critics say will radically change the blueprint of the City of Trees. From Reject Boise's website:

"It will impact everything from commercial and residential uses to irrigation canals, billboards, and halfway houses. The City has not provided an executive summary or visual examples to Boiseans showing how our neighborhoods would change."

There are a lot of issues at play concerning the outcome of this meeting. Residents who believe they have been left out of the process could take it out on Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, who is running for reelection this year. The mayor faces a formidable, well-funded nonpartisan challenger in Mike Masterson, the former Boise police chief. 

We've heard that part of the new zoning plan will eliminate garages and allow builders to build up on smaller zoned lots, forever altering historic Boise neighborhoods like the Boise Bench.

Click here to see this week's agenda.

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