The news is not good for any of us that may need healthcare in the upcoming months. No one likes to work in a hostile work environment. One aspect of the Woke Era is that employers have become more sensitive to their workers than in previous decades.

Workplaces have become more accommodating to childcare, additional benefits, and working from home are just a few of the benefits employers have provided to their workers. It appeared the days of 'take it or leave it' had gone the way of the dinosaurs. The announcement of the state's big three healthcare providers that their employees will be forced to vaccinate or terminate has caused many reactions throughout the Gem State.

As we first reported here, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has asked Speaker Scott Bedke to reconvene the House to discuss special legislation to protect Idaho workers from vaccination as a term of employment. (Who would've thought that the move by the House to recess and not adjourn would create such a political problem for Scott Bedke?)

Typically, we'd expect him to give the lieutenant governor the Heisman. However, Bedke is running to replace McGeachin. He must consider the political ramifications of not calling the House back into session. If the House comes back, it will allow the Senate to do the same. Bedke told the Idaho Capital Sun that he's researching it. If he doesn't call the House back to session, it could cripple his campaign for lieutenant governor.  

The vaccination declaration by the hospitals has exposed a dirty little legislative leadership that has been in place for years. Senator Christy Zito and Representative Pricilla Giddings both told us that legislation to prevent employer-mandated shot requirements was written. Still, they never made it to the floor due to decisions by committee chairs.  

Workers from Saint Lukes have begun to gather, organizing in groups large and small. Several hospital workers have told us that they will not be forced to take the shot. We've learned that they are talking to representatives and senators, lobbying them to pass a law that will protect them. Idaho is already at a critical healthcare worker shortage; could we see hospitals not providing care due to a lack of compliant workers?

Could Speaker Bedke's call on whether to reconvene the House or not end the establishment control of the legislature? If Idaho's 'public servants' do not serve the public, then the people will elect politicians who will put them first.  

(Please contact me, if you'd like to get your voice heard on this issue.  If you're a hospital worker and would like to provide more information, I'm here for you.)

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