The headline speaks for itself, $650,000 spent on an incomplete report stating that the Boise Police Department is not racist. It's a tragedy that no one in Boise city government, the media, or anyone outside of this pundit will hold Mayor McLean responsible for a giant waste of time and money.

Multiple publications have regurgitated the Michael Bromwich report stating that there is no widespread racism within the Boise Police Department. It all began with a retired captain, Matt Bryngelson, who made racist statements that were uncovered from social media.

Mayor McLean immediately publicly urged Boise Police officers to resign if they were racist. In other words, the mayor assumed that Boise's best and bravest were racists. She gave her police department not one shred of the benefit of the doubt.

Can you imagine the challenges of being a police officer in Boise? You endure the reckless disastrous regime of Ryan Lee, and once he's shown the door, the mayor accuses you of being a racist based on a retired officer's behavior?

The real need for an outside investigation should be focused on the tenure of former Chief Lee and the damage done to the department during his regime.

Unfortunate, the local media and city council will carry the water on this unnecessary, overpriced report. Mayor McLean chose a Washington DC-based lawyer who represented Christine Blasey Ford and aided in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Oliver North during the Iran Contra.

It's time for Mayor McLean to own up and be a good Idahoan by apologizing to the police department, the city, and the state for a giant waste of the city's finances. We hope other entities would call upon her to do the same and not just echo her talking points justifying this unnecessary out-of-state expense.


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