The Boise Police Department is revealing a dynamic new tool for Boise residents and people in the Treasure Valley – public dashboards offering real-time insights into Boise's crime data and reports.

BPD posted a walkthrough of the portal on their Facebook page.

Here's what BPD said in their latest press release, "The goal of the dashboards is to give the public quick access to the data that the police department uses to track trends and improve public safety response."

Chief Ron Winegar stresses the importance of transparency: "While we continue to see a decline in overall crime in Boise, it’s important that we give our community the tools to look at more specific details." He continues, “It’s an honor to serve this community and we want to provide a more holistic look at the information we use to make decisions and understand what’s happening in our neighborhoods.”

What do these dashboards have?

Accessible through the Boise Police Department website, users can explore overall crime trends, locate nearby incidents with a simple address search, and apply filters for crime type, date, and area.

Quick Links

Full Data Portal
Crime Summary Dashboard (data by type and numbers)
Public Crime Map (search by address)
Crime Trends Dashboard (view crime hotspots and filter by crime type)

According to their release, the dashboards adhere to Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) and National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) standards, reflecting a rolling five-year period with updates as recent as 10 days ago. No personally identifying information or addresses are included, and sexual assault crimes are excluded from mapping dashboards to protect victims.

These new dashboards offer an engaging way for Boise residents to stay informed, navigate trends, and actively participate in enhancing public safety.

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