We're in the middle of navigating a global health pandemic-- here in the Treasure Valley and around the world.  The culprit, COVID-19, is drumming up havoc, heartbreak, and disruption all across the globe and if there was ever a time for humans near and far to come together as one, there's no time like the present.

For the most part, we've seen local businesses and community leaders step up in big ways to help those in need and we're all doing our part in helping one another. I guess I shouldn't say "all of us" are. There's always that one person.

It's a shame and it angers me to see posts on social media like this but unfortunately, the owners of The Fork and Alavita in downtown Boise are hoping you can identify an individual that ROBBED the restaurants.

Surveillance footage released via Facebook by Fork shows a man coming in the back door of the restaurant and they're hoping you can tell them who it is. He stole property from the restaurant as well as employees' backpacks and car keys.  Check out the video below:



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