As the first real snow blankets the Treasure Valley this week, local Facebook groups are filling up with complaints about slippery roads, bad drivers, chaotic traffic, and the processes for taking care of the roads after it snows. Where do Treasure Valley snow plows go first?

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) shared crucial information on the priorities and strategies guiding snow plow operations in the area, and they are urging residents to stay informed to ensure awareness and road safety. Check out the priority roads and details below.

What Does the ACHD Use?

ACHD employs a combination of magnesium chloride, salt, sand, and plowing to combat winter storms, both in anti-icing efforts before the storm and de-icing during and after the event. The key to their approach lies in a prioritized system that determines which roads get attention first. While recognizing the importance of residential streets, ACHD prioritizes main roads due to higher traffic volume and safety concerns.

What Are the Priority Roads?


• Arterial and collector roads
• Major intersections
• Overpasses and bridges
• Hospitals and fire stations
• School and railroad crossings
• Streets with grades (steepness) over six percent

However, the ACHD alone cannot guarantee complete road safety. After winter weather events, it's the responsibility of property and business owners to keep adjacent areas and sidewalks clear, and residents are encouraged not to push snow into the street, as it can block paths, storm drains, and potentially create hazards for others.

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