It has become a destination for most college football fans across the country. Boise State's blue field has drawn college football fans to Boise for thirty-five years. Like its iconic home field, Boise State Football has grown to unrivaled success since that September day in 1986.

Boise State's Blue Field Celebrating 35 years

Boise State's Blue Field


The Broncos were the first team in America to have a non-green field, says  Boise State.  The turf was trademarked in 2011 and has had several renovations. The turf was initially given the nickname 'Smurf Turf' after the popular NBC blue characters known as The Smurfs. Former Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier is the father of the Blue. He told ESPN why he decided a blue field would be perfect for Boise State.

"I knew that I couldn't talk about it because it would get blown out of the water. I would not get the support," Bleymaier said. "Really, it was kept pretty much between him and me until we actually announced it. Then, of course, there were all sorts of reaction."  There have been six versions of The Blue since 1986.  A few years ago, the university sold pieces of the old field to any fan who would show up to buy it.  The reaction was so overwhelming officials had to cut up new pieces to meet the demand.  

He held off announcing till the day before the blue surface was installed. Bleymaier said the cost at the time 750,000 was a factor in his decision. The Blue has been a target of opposing coaches. Washington State's Mike Leach told the Seattle Times his thoughts on The Blue.

"I'm glad I don't have to watch film on it every day, to be honest with you," Leach said during his Monday press conference. "I think secretly those assistant coaches and those coaches at Boise, despite the fact it's a trademark thing, would rather watch their guys practice on grass so the bodies, there's a little more contrast with them, running around than on blue turf. I'd rather watch it on green than a variety of colors."

The NFL has a 'Boise State Rule' that prevents any NFL from having any color other than green on their home fields says SB Nation.

Leach is now at Mississippi State, and the Blue is still the home field of the Broncos. Boise State will face national power Oklahoma State on Fox Sports. KTVB's Mark Johnson was on the scene when Boise State debuted The Blue. You can see his great story below. 


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