When we last off, your humble correspondent began his journey west looking for the American work ethic. I'm presently embedded in Lincoln City, Oregon. The city is one of many on the Oregon Coast that enjoys revenue from thousands of tourists who flock to Ocean front hotels and condos. The beaches are filled with children, older adults, and many dogs chasing seagulls. The cold water attracts a working-class cohort that makes their pilgrimage to its shores.

If you haven't visited Lincoln City, here's a brief look at some its more artistic attractions.

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Like many Idaho service businesses, the folks here need a labor force to serve the tourists clamoring for a week away from their workplace. The area continues to recover from being a pandemic hot spot and surviving a fire that forced the town to evacuate two years ago. Some restaurants close their doors now at three instead of serving dinner. Unfortunately, there aren't enough workers to man dinners services.

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller


There is plenty of help wanted signs for anyone who wants to work. Shift work starts at sixteen to eighteen dollars an hour for anyone who wants to work. As expected, plenty of dispensaries service the growing legal weed market.

I haven't seen many dope smokers here, which is good. Most folks are more focused on enjoying their time together than Liz Cheney getting the boot in Wyoming. Here's a look at how the area made it through the pandemic.

Oregon Mask Mandate


The folks who are working here are doing my with less, they're keeping the American Work Ethic Alive and well.

Oregon Covid Hot Spot

Oregonians work to live a normal life as Covid rates continue to rise.

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