While we currently do not have a solution to our hot summer temperatures, the good news is that it is cooler this week than the past seemingly of endless triple-digit temperatures.

While some Idahoans have taken their vacations, others have hit the trail for cooler temperatures. The temperature this week along the Oregon Coast is predicted to fall between the 60s and 70s. That's a big difference from what we've experienced in the Treasure Valley. Since we can't take everyone to the Oregon Coast, we would hopefully share some photos to cool you off.  

The photos below are from Lincoln City, Oregon, which is almost five hundred twenty miles from Boise. The drive isn't bad, except for driving through Portland. Once at Lincoln City, you have many entertainment options, including two casinos. However, one of the casinos is closed due to a thorough cleaning due to covid concerns. Public beaches surround the area. The state owns all beaches in Oregon, so you'll have access to some frigid water from the Pacific Ocean as long as Governor Brown doesn't shut down the beaches.  

You'll see from the photos below that the area has an eclectic art scene and some quirky restaurants. Although many of us take the quick route to McCall for a vacation, the Oregon Coast has many oceanfront cities to visit, including the world-famous Tillamook Creamery. You can find out all the information and how you can see the site here.  

Lincoln City is centrally located, allowing you easy access to the Newport Aquarium or a trip to Seaside, Oregon. Enjoy the photos below.

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

Oregon Coast Getaway Photos

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