Sometimes, we forget that Treasure Valley is located in the high mountain Deseret. So far, the temperatures haven't been as oppressively hot as in years past. However, brace yourselves, as hot temperatures—perhaps triple digits—could be hitting us this weekend.

As Idahoans, we are no strangers to working and playing in the great outdoors. It's truly inspiring to see how many workers continue to perform their duties, even in the face of sometimes unhealthy temperatures.


This Saturday, our community will gather for the Boise Music Festival, Idaho's largest outdoor free festival, in Garden City. With the potential for hot temperatures and a large crowd, it's crucial for each of us to be proactive, prepared, and take the necessary steps to stay cool and safe.



How many of us get alarmed when our indoor air conditioning doesn't work or we have to open the windows in our cars? Sadly, the scientist at Micron and INL haven't created outdoor air-conditioning so here are a few heat saving tips to keep you cool at this week's Boise Music Festival.    




Stay Hydrated

We read and hear this tip all the time. It's important to make sure your body has enough water to keep you safe. Hydration keeps your body cool by allowing you to sweat. Without water, your body starts overheating leading to health problems.

Proper Clothing

Experts advise folks to wear clothing that isn't dark. In other words, dark clothing aborbs the heat while light colors reflect the heat allowing for a greater chance of cooling. A hat can protect your head from the higher tempaturers while keeping you cooler during those long summer days of fun and work.

Sun Screen

We've all learned about the dangers of too much exposure to the sun. Proper sunscreen with a high SPF number protects your skin and helps you avoid the painful next day sunburn.

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