Governor Brad Little may not have created a vax lottery, but he's offering half a day off for state workers who get the poke. In other words, the governor has now authorized four hours of vacation time for any state employee who receives the Covid vaccine. What this move tells me at first glance is that the administration is not happy with the number of folks who've said no to getting the vaccine.

We received a copy of the governor's letter to all employees.

One of the State of Idaho's greatest resources is our talented and committed workforce in state government. For more than a year, state employees have managed to maintain critical services to the public during these unprecedented times. I want to commend all state employees for the service you provide to our fellow Idahoans. Idaho's economy has remained strong throughout the pandemic and continues to outpace other states' recoveries. The COVID-19 vaccine is our best tool to protect jobs, strengthen our workforce, and save lives. To thank the many state employees who have chosen to receive the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, all state employees who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 will receive four hours of paid COVID administrative leave (CVT). State employees who have not yet been vaccinated but choose to be vaccinated before August 31, 2021, will also be eligible to receive four hours of paid leave. Your agency's human resources representative will be providing further details about this new benefit.

One has to wonder what happens to the state workers who don't take the jab? Will they be put on a 'special list?' A few state employees have reached out to me to express their views. Here is one of them:

Today at my office, an email was distributed from our management. It included an attachment message from Governor Little. In the Governor's message, he announced that he was granting 4 hours paid leave to all state employees that receive a Covid vaccination by August 31, 2021.

Kevin, I am outraged that the Governor of this great state has apparently fallen in lock step with the liberal agenda of luring the population into receiving a Covid vaccination. I will not bore you by repeating any of the quickly growing mountain of evidence regarding the dangers of the mRNA injections. I do, however, feel that Governor Little is acting irresponsibly at best, or criminally negligent at worst, in his efforts to push a highly-suspect, minimally tested injection into the Idaho population -- this time focusing on a largely docile State Employee workforce.

This also leaves conservative state employees wondering about their jobs. Those employees who elect to take advantage of the 4 hours of paid leave will, undoubtedly, have to prove that they have been vaccinated. What if those of us that reject this offer aren't on the list of vaccinated employees? By default, we then become the list of employees that are likely NOT vaccinated. Could this be a clever plan to vaccinate as many sheeple as possible while also developing a list of "non-compliant" employees for future use? While this may sound paranoid, we're witnessing incredible events unfolding on a daily basis.

Kevin, this is getting out of control. Our governor is apparently doing his own version of "get a vax, win a prize", as we see happening in the liberal states. What's next, a million-dollar Covid vax lottery like Oregon?

Let's all stay vigilant, and make sure that our elected representatives are representing Idahoans' best interests. That's not the feeling that I'm getting from our current Governor.

We appreciate that state employee sharing their views with us.  Why not let the state workers decide for themselves?  Let's hope the governor reconsiders this move and allows state workers to keep their privacy.

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