The cold, harsh reality of Artificial Intelligence has impacted Idaho and the Treasure Valley. No Skynet from the scary Terminator Movies has arrived in the Gem State. However, for the 157 Boise-area workers who've been terminated, it probably feels like it.

Intuit, the company that acquired the locally produced TSheets, closed its Eagle Road facility and a facility in Edmonton, Canada, without warning. This decision has not only affected the over one thousand employees who were shown the door via email, as reported by the Idaho Statesman.

The Wall Street Journal reports Intuit will begin hiring more employees. The reason for the job terminations were explained in a letter from the company obtained by the Journal. Here is an excerpt:

"Intuit's layoffs aren't about cutting costs, as the company is preparing to hire another 1,800 workers in fiscal 2025, which starts next month, to support its growth objectives, Goodarzi said. The new positions will be largely in engineering, product, and customer-facing roles, including sales and marketing, the CEO said."

The elimination of the workforce will cost Intuit over two hundred million dollars. The company maintains confidence these moves, along with a move towards Artificial Intelligence, will help them to continue to maintain their market position.

Although the temperature is in the triple digits a cold reign of uncertainty has influenced Idaho, the tech industry, and the Treasure Valley.

Best Places to Work in Idaho via YouTube
Best Places to Work in Idaho via YouTube

It is regrettable that the vision of TSheets, that everyone loved, has been decimated today by an out of state company. We wish the former employees the best of luck.

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