In an update from The City of Caldwell, the Caldwell City Council has approved a bid from Beniton Construction for the restoration of the Caldwell Pool. Originally set to open in the summer of 2024, the completion date has been pushed to late July due to unforeseen challenges, with the possibility of expending this completion date even further into summer.

Construction is currently underway, focusing on the construction of a new mechanical room and the renovation of the existing pool. The delay is attributed to incidents including adverse weather conditions and the discovery of unknown utilities in the area that required maintenance and removal.

The decision to extend the completion date comes with challenges as the typical pool closure aligns with the start of the school year, making it difficult to secure staff for the limited operational window. So, if the pool were to open for a brief period, the it would require additional repairs amounting to $44,000.00, according to the press release from the City of Caldwell.

City officials emphasize their commitment to delivering a high-quality product, acknowledging the pool's significance to the community during the summertime.

The Caldwell Pool has been closed since 2021, following the discovery of an electrical problem and a significant water leak. Despite being included in the 2023 budget, construction expenses have surpassed initial estimates by over one million dollars, prompting the city to explore various avenues to secure additional funding for the project.

The goal remains to provide citizens with a revitalized and safe pool experience, with the anticipated reopening now set for the summer of 2024.

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