Despite the fact that there is federal laws against selling, consuming, eating, smoking or anything else associated with marijuana, several states continue to profit from dealing weed.  Let's not forget the cannabis stocks that some experts continue to promote as a way to get rich.  Forget about the munchies with this one, drawing a huge crowd that formed a block-long line, the country's first marijuana cafe opened Tuesday in Los Angeles.Called "Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe," the West Hollywood eatery features a menu consisting of THC- and CBD-infused cuisine -- prepared by a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. While the main courses don't contain marijuana, the menu also features edibles as snacks and desserts.

Plus, guests in the 5,900-square-foot establishment are allowed to light up joints, bongs and pipes at their tables."Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe was created because we believed there needed to be a destination for everyone to openly enjoy cannabis in the community," the cafe's owner said in a statement. "Lowell Cafe is a welcoming space for those who are cannabis connoisseurs and those who are canna-curious.

One has to wonder if there will be more of these similar type cafes in the future.  Experts ponder whether the feds will eventually decided to shutdown the 'legal weed' movement?  Will a cafe that allows people to get high sell more food? Does it feel like the push to legalize weed has died down a bit?

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