Information about a new paid parking system coming to Downtown Caldwell, Idaho. A release from the City of Caldwell states: "Beginning this week, citizens will notice the installation of parking meters strategically placed within the core area of downtown, spanning from Cleveland Boulevard to Kimball Avenue, and between 5th and 10th Avenues."

Why the Change?

According to the release, this change is part of a proactive measure to address congestion and improve pedestrian accessibility. By encouraging downtown employees and long-term parkers to utilize free parking spaces a block or two away, authorities hope to alleviate traffic and enhance the overall downtown experience.

Where Does the Money Go?

Revenue generated from the parking meters will not funnel into the City's General Fund, but will instead be reinvested to cover meter expenses and enhance parking facilities within the downtown area for well-maintained infrastructure for years to come.

When Will This Start?

The paid parking initiative will officially begin in May, with rates set at $1 per hour. Payment options will include coins, credit/debit cards, mobile apps, or digital wallets such as Google Pay. Additionally, Sundays, holidays, and designated ADA parking spaces will remain free of charge. Free parking will be available along the railroad tracks for downtown business employees, providing convenient access while supporting local commerce.

The City of Caldwell reaffirms its commitment to engaging with community stakeholders to ensure that the implementation of paid parking aligns with the needs and expectations of residents, businesses, and visitors alike. Keep reading for the best Nampa/Caldwell area restaurants in 2024 and more!

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