It seems that recently there have been a lot of additions to the lineup of Idaho license plates offered at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Having just jumped into a new car myself, I didn't have much of a desire to get custom plates on my car but I was a little disappointed in the generic plates that I got-- no numbers or letters stood out and it isn't an easy one to remember...oh well.

In recent months, I've seen new plate options for pet lovers, proposals for plates that discourage hate and now, Governor of Idaho, Brad Little, has signed into law a license plate that opposes abortion.

After scrolling through the list of current plates available in Idaho, I really don't see any others that are as issue-focused as this one.

The plates will be available starting in 2021 and will cos $35. They will state that Idaho "chooses life".

Of the fees paid, $22 will go towards Choose Life Idaho, Inc-- a group that says they will put funds towards centers and literature to promote alternatives to abortion.

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