In a somewhat adventurous incident reported earlier this morning, local law enforcement, ACSO and Boise/Meridian Police Officers were engaged in a vehicle chase near Overland Rd. and Meridian Rd., according to a Facebook post on Idaho's Treasure Valley Community Awareness page.

The unfolding events this morning revealed that the suspects had apparently something tricky they wanted to try, as an effort to "not get caught."

The pursuit, which originated from an undisclosed location, saw the suspects allegedly engaging in a series of evasive maneuvers and speeding away from the police. The Facebook post reads:

"We have an active police chase, ACSO in chase.
According to the unit attempting the stop, drugs have been thrown from the vehicle.
They may have the vehicle stopped now on Overland. (Sounds like it's near Meridian rd and Overland.)
Yes just heard the call, it's now a FELONY stop. Waiting on more units.
At least five units on scene now according to last radio traffic, they will now begin to get the suspects out of the car and in custody."

The unfolding scenario transitioned into a felony stop, with 5 police units on site, and more police on the way. It was also reported that a police officer was heading to the area the drugs where thrown out to try to retrieve them. The officer was asking which window they where thrown from.

Turns out, trying to throw drugs out of the window isn't going to work on our vigilant local law enforcement and police officers.

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