Coming up Wednesday morning we hear part two of our interview with Cliven Bundy.  Mr. Bundy describes:

The way this standoff should end and how to end it peacefully.

Who really owns the land?  Is it the United States Government?  The state of Nevada?   Or the people of Nevada?

Cliven Bundy tells Kevin Miller how the BLM should behave and responds to Senator Harry Reid's comments calling him a 'domestic terrorist.'

Plus we'll talk to a former Marine who is staying until the situation is resolved.  He tells you why he's put his life on hold.

Why are folks from California here recording this event?

Is this a racial issue or a land issue?

Are the people here crazy or patriotic?  They respond in their own words.

We'll also get your take on a Nevada congressman's call to the local sheriff to boot the militia. He says armed men are dangerous and threatening.  Do you agree?

I can't wait to hear from you beginning at 5am on 580 KIDO.




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