Two high-profile college football coaches have been fired, and we haven't begun week four of the season. Herb Edwards joined Scott Frost on the coaches looking for a work list. Could we see one prominent former Boise State coach join them on the highly compensated unemployment list?

Could former Boise State Coach Bryan Harsin be the next coach to lose his job? Coach Harsin has been under fire at Auburn since accepting the job a few years ago. The coach is a good man who unfortunately took a bad job based on his background and skill set. If he had waited another year, the Boise native could've had his pick of West Coast jobs that better suited his skill set.

Coach Harsin's crime is that he lost a crucial game at home to Big 10 powerhouse Penn State.  His recruiting has been dismal in the highly competitive SEC Western Conference.  Most college football fans, writers, and experts believe it is time for Coach Harsin to become the latest unemployed millionaire.

Mr. Talty shared his views on the nationally syndicated Paul Finebaum Show.  They both agreed that Coach Harsin is a good man, but clearly not up to the challenge at Auburn.  Here's a look at the power brokers who influence Coach Harsin's future.  Remember they tried to fire him during the offseason.

The Players in the Rise and Fall of Bryan Harsin

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The good news for Coach Harsin is that his name has appeared as a candidate for the now vacant Arizona State job. The area and expectations are more realistic than an SEC outsider succeeding at Auburn. 

Coach Harsin started his coaching career after his days of playing college football ended at Boise State.

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