The crew of ESPN's College Gameday was not kind to the Broncos this morning.   In a rare sweep of early game day predictions, the panel of ESPN's College Gameday picked the Cougars to beat the Broncos Saturday Night in Provo, Utah.  The segment started with a great profile of Eagle's Tanner Mangum.  Reece Davis then took over, and we start with David Pollock's assessment.

David Pollock: "BYU is used to playing without Taysom Hill, they've done it three out of the last four years.  I think BYU is accustomed to that, I think Tanner Mangum did a great job when he stepped in last week.  I expect him to do the same today.  I got BYU, and I think BYU will upset Boise."

Kirk Hirbstreet:  "The quarterback on the other side holds the key for me.  Boise State and Bryan Harsin have been blessed for years with consistent quarterback play. Now it's only week one.  But Ryan Linley last week only had sixteen completions, 129 yards it's not enough if you want to go to Provo and knock off BYU.  I think Boise State will compete.  You always expect it.  But I'm with David, I think BYU in Provo, I picked them last week, and I'm picking them again this week.  I think they get it done with this quarterback and this defense.   (Note to Kirk, it's Ryan Finley, not Linley.   Let's hope his pick is as accurate as getting Ryan's last name right!)

  Desmond Howard:  "I agree with both of you.  I think BYU is made for this moment.  I like BYU because Bronco Mendenhall, like you said David, he used to his quarterback Taysom Hill going down with injuries,  so he's prepared his team mentally and physically.  Because he said, the identity of his team was too much related to his quarterback.  It was too much solely on Taysom Hill and the quarterback position.  He didn't want that anymore.  So when Taysom got hurt, he challenged other guys to step up. So now the identity of the team is not solely on who the quarterback is.  Other guys have to step up and come to the table.   Boise State against Washington; I was not impressed with Boise State.  I got BYU big!"

The panel talked about the physical nature of the game saying both teams like to hit.  Reece Davis added this gem:  "Boise has lost the last three years of the season away from Boise.  Keep and eye on that."

Hmm, what else is new?  The national pundits pick against Broncos.  I wonder what Lee Corso thinks?  Regardless, I'm going with the Broncos winning a tough one tonight in Provo.

Kevin Miller Update: Corso and NBA Champ Golden State Warrior Draymond Green pick BYU, Kirk still calls Finley now linley or lilley…Does anyone fact check the former Buckeye Great?