Thousands of new cases continue to be reported across the country.  Several cities and states are starting to issue stay at home orders.  Could a national shutdown curb the current outbreak of Covid?One member of the newly formed Joe Biden Infectious Disease Task Force tells Yahoo News that a lock-down would help, reports CBS News. Dr. Michael Osterholm says that a lock-down lasting from four to six weeks could reduce the amount of cases.

The challenge for such a plan would be how does the country pay for it?  Currently, the United States Congress is debating another 'Covid Relief' package.  The Republicans want a package costing around half a trillion dollars, while the Democrats want to spend 2 trillion dollars for their version of the relief package.

CBS Reports:  Since March, Congress has provided $659 billion in emergency loans to small businesses and $268 billion for enhanced unemployment benefits for workers. The small business assistance was quickly exhausted, and unemployment aid is set to run out in December.

Some states have decided to restrict movement and impose new restrictions.  Our fellow Mountain West Utah has declared a state of emergency including a statewide mask mandate.  Governor Little told KIDO Talk Radio that he has had conversations with the Utah Governor concerning Utah's Hospitals being overwhelmed with Covid Cases.  KUTV reports that some of the patients are coming in from Idaho.

How would the country pay for a national lock-down?  Doctor Osterholm says the government has enough money to fund big and small businesses.  Are you in favor of being forced to stay home by the government?

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