Coming soon, we will once again ask you to 'Give a turkey, Don't be a turkey!'

For over nine years, we've dedicated the week before Thanksgiving, asking you to help feed Treasure Valley Families through the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries. It all began when I lived at the City of Life Men's Mission in downtown Boise for a week. That first year, we started with a humble 20 turkeys donated.


A special note of appreciation to State Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna, who donated the first turkey so many years ago. Without his belief, it could've been a very long week. What began as a dream during the Great Recession has become an annual event that unites folks from all walks of life in Idaho. Thousands of pounds, dollars, and turkeys have made a difference in Idaho.


Years ago, we didn't have as many Wal Marts as we have today. We moved out of the Boise Rescue Mission and moved to the Wal Mart on Fairview in Meridian. Hard to believe we were there before they built The Village at Meridan. For the last several years, our home has been the Wal Mart in Nampa on Garrity and Franklin. A HUGE thank you to all Wal Mart employees who've made a big difference.


This November, we will be touring Treasure Valley Wal Marts building up to our week-long stay in Nampa. I'll be out every afternoon asking you to purchase 'Turkey Vouchers at your favorite Wal Mart. We're excited to be partnering with the Turkey Day 5k on Thanksgiving Day. We'll broadcast live from Garden City on Thanksgiving Day. New York City may have the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but we'll have the Turkey Day 5k live on KIDO Talk Radio. Stay tuned, and please help us make a difference!


Here's a video from year one.. Please take a look at how your donations feed families at the Boise Rescue Mission.




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