It must be summertime in Idaho as the nation is focusing on a recent incursion on a Gem State highway. If you're new to the area, you may not know what Mormon Cricket is. A recent video by the Idaho Transportation Department has gone viral. The video is not of a big-time Hollywood starlet; it's a grader riding over thousands of crickets who've taken Highway 51.

Check out these creepy skin crawling monsters!

A quick look at Mormon Crickets in Idaho.


What is a Mormon Cricket?

The University of Wyoming defines Mormon Crickets as ' a shieldbacked katydid (family Tettigoniidae, subfamily Decticinae) and not a true cricket, lives in western North America in rangeland dominated by sagebrush and forbs.'

Here's the video that has caused so much reaction across country.

As you can see from the above, the highway was so covered in Mormon Crickets that a plow or a grader had to be used to clear the road.  With so many Mormon Crickets on the road, cars could lose control while driving down the road.

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