Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Nampa Police Department wants to let you know their chief is unavailable on Tinder, Like, or any other dating platform. They want to inform you that someone impersonating the chief is looking to take your money.

In one of the most creative scams in Idaho, the Nampa Police Department has taken to social media to warn residents that the chief is not calling them or anyone looking for love. Also, Chief Huff would never contact you, saying you're in big trouble or owing money. (Believe it or not, that's happening in Nampa.)

The scam works this way: after using a social media love site, folks are getting calls with a number that looks like it comes from the Nampa Police Department.

The caller claims to be Chief Joe Huff, claiming their potential love interest harmed them due to online interaction. The fake chief demands money from the family for medical loss and individual suffering.

The Nampa Police Department or law enforcement agency will not contact you demanding money. The Nampa Police Department advises you to hang up. Please do not give them any financial information or credit card numbers.

Although the story is entertaining, it should be taken seriously. Millions of dollars are lost annually in Idaho and worldwide as folks fall victim to online and phone scams.

Chief Huff and the Nampa Police Department continue to fight crime and continue to keep our streets safe. We appreciate the heads up and thank them for their commitment to public safety.

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