Nampa Police are seeking your help apprehending three suspects in a recent crime spree. Police say the case involves a rash of crimes committed by a male and two females who've allegedly stolen a car in Caldwell. 

The male suspect has been identified; however, the two female suspects remain on the loose. Police say they've been busy touring the area and allegedly committing crimes. 

The group went into a Nampa convenience store using a stolen credit card to buy several items. After leaving the store, they abandoned the car. Coincidentally, six auto break-ins or burglaries happened in the same parking area. 

Nampa Police Department Facebook
Nampa Police Department Facebook

Police detail the three, then. They stole another car and allegedly committed extensive damage to the vehicle, which was found in Boise. Any help that you can give law enforcement that would aid in their apprehension would help keep the community safe. 

Nampa Police Department Facebook
Nampa Police Department Facebook

The Nampa Police Department works with the community to fight crime, working with schools, businesses, and religious organizations. Without your support, law enforcement would face a bigger challenge keeping the streets safe. Police have a enormous amount of responsibility from public safety to fighting crime.

Nampa Police Statement on How YOU can help:

So - if you recognize either of these individuals in the photos, please get in touch with Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS or leave a tip at so we can talk to them about their involvement.

Keep in mind that you can remain anonymous AND possibly earn a reward.

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