This is something no parent wants to hear.  Idaho is seeing a surge in COVID cases in babies and toddlers, and the most likely cause is the delta variant.  There is one thing parents are being asked to do to protect them.

The Washington Post told the story of one teacher in another state who took off her mask to read a story to the class, and within a few days, half of her elementary class was infected with the delta variant.  Surely that won't happen in Idaho. But it could.

Since kids 11 and under can't be vaccinated, some health managers are asking parents to get vaccinated to "cocoon" the kids and protect them.  If we can block it, the kids can't catch it.  That's the idea anyway.  I know, I know, there are so many variables.  Kids could catch the virus at school or the park or the store too, but the thinking is, if parents are vaccinated it can reduce the risk for the kids.

Bloomberg said Idaho is "suffering a surge in Covid-19 infections among babies and toddlers," and an epidemiologist at the Idaho Division of Public Health said kids 11 and under are the most vulnerable population overall now because the vaccine hasn't been approved yet for that age group. The Washington Post said the surge in the Delta variant is getting much of the blame for the current spread in schools and childcare centers.

The Mayo Clinic shared a bit of good news, and that is if kids do get COVID, it doesn't usually make them super sick or land them in the hospital.  They usually have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.  I have a friend whose 11-year old son has COVID right now, and he just feels tired.  Another friend's 9-year old twin boys just recovered from COVID and they had a slight cough and tested negative after five days.

Oh, and there's this.  If you're feeling stressed, you're not alone.  Boise State researchers are saying women are the most impacted by the pandemic, and they "lost their jobs at a higher rate than men and that a disproportionate share of chores, childcare, and other household tasks are falling onto women."  Ugh.

Ok, now onto that relaxing, stress-free Labor Day weekend, right?  We'll start with a bubble bath and a glass of wine.  Maybe two.  Stay well.

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