It's an annual event that officially or unofficially kicks off the start of summer. The cold weather is over, and Idahoans are invited to attend Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. The event is conveniently located at Expo Idaho, and it's happening this Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm. If you are a user of Amazon or eBay, Idaho's Largest Garage Sale should be on your list. 

Enthusiasts of the event can't stop talking about the vast array of items, ranging from chairs, televisions, and old computers to clothes and everything else used at home or work. The sheer variety is sure to get you excited! Some fans bring their carts to haul away their newfound treasures. However, plenty of men and women driving carts will help you transport items to your vehicle.

Townsquare Media Boise
Townsquare Media Boise

Historically, there is a long line before the gates open at 7 am. Unlike online buying and selling, Idaho's Largest Garage Sale vendors will be more than happy to discuss price and value with you. 

If you're worried about running out of fuel, plenty of food vendors will offer everything from tasty hotdogs to delicious pizza. Lines are short so you can grab your grub, have a seat, take a rest and then get back to shopping. 


Finally, America's favorite crimefighter, Dog the Bounty Hunter, returns to Idaho. The popular bounty hunter will speak to the public and be available for photos. Last year, he was the hit of the show. 

For more information on Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, click this link here. 

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