In the year 2020, drunk driving led to more than 1,500 crashes in Idaho.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, 43% of all fatalities on the roads that year were the result of impaired driving.

Hundreds of people were injured and 92 people lost their lives. 

This roughly equates to one person being killed every four days...

So clearly, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.


However, Idaho is not the only state dealing with the issue of drunk driving.

In Tennessee, a new bill was recently passed this week, in response to a police officer being killed by a drunk driver.

It proposed that DUI drivers, who incidentally kill a parent in a crash, will have to pay child support for each of the victim's children left behind, until they turn 18 or graduate from High School.


This got us wondering – what is the price for driving under the influence in Idaho?

Is it too strict?

Should it be stricter?

To discover what the true cost is of receiving this offense in Idaho, we talked with a couple locals who recently got DUI’s.

Below are their stories, and what they wish others knew before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

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