He's a traitor according to former Vice President Dick Cheney.  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky compared Snowden's going public to Dr. Martin Luther King's action during the civil rights movement.    Did Snowden save America or endanger it by revealing what the NSA has been doing to us?  Think of the world we would live in if Snowden did not risk his life by leaking documents to the press.  I believe our political leaders have forgotten what the fourth amendment stands from the bill of rights.  The government is a required to have a warrant before they can search or seize?  Now think about your computers and that Snowden exposed what the NSA has been doing without warrants.

How many of us would be willing to sacrifice our life and livelihood to protect our basic American Freedoms?  How many 29 or 49 year olds would be willing to collect the data that could cost them their lives and leave the land that they love?  The founding fathers understood sacrifice and so does Mr. Snowden.  How crazy is it that Snowden's safer in the former Soviet Union than in America?  Disagree?  How many whistle blowers have disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.

The government floated the idea of amnesty for Snowden last night on sixty minutes.  The white house quickly shot down that idea today.  However could Snowden or the country really trust a government that is breaking its own laws by spying on its citizens?  Now it's official, we're not just talking about claims from the Alex Jones crowd.

A federal judge has just ruled that the NSA phone collecting program is unconstitutional.  This was the result of a law suit brought by Conservative Watchdog Larry Klayman.  Klayman has been at it for years founding Judicial

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Watch, a group dedicated to using the courts to keep government in line.  The judge ruled that the collecting of metadata is not permissible because it violates the fourth amendment.  There are several other law suits and this is not the last word in this case.  Big government will appeal.

However this case wouldn't have gone to court if Snowden did not disclose what the bad little elves at the NSA have been up to at our expense.  So is Snowden a hero or a traitor?  It depends on how you view freedoms in America.  If you trust the government who has used the IRS, Department of Labor and other taxpayer funded entities to quell dissent then Snowden is a traitor.

If you believe that the people control the government and they need to control it, then Snowden is a hero.  Too bad he's safer in Mother Russia than the good ole USA!

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