This weekend we celebrate America's independence.  Although there will be limited fireworks shows from towns and cities in Idaho, we'll have plenty of folks who will be doing their own fireworks show.  We all want to enjoy the celebrations, but without the dangers associated with fireworks.  So how do we safely get through the weekend of fireworks?  Here are some good tips from our friends at the Nampa Fire Department via a media release.

Are fireworks legal in Idaho?  It depends on how and where you use them.  Here's what the city of Nampa has shared with us.  Although you can find them in the county, the sale of illegal aerial fireworks is not allowed in the City of Nampa.  In the city limits, merchants are regulated by the City of Nampa through ordinance and the Nampa Fire Department. At the state level, it has been determined the sale and use of illegal fireworks without a permit is against the law. Signing a waiver agreeing to not use them in Idaho does not protect from any liability.

Can you be injured by fireworks?  Nampa Fire Department Fire Chief Kirk Carpenter said, “Fireworks can be a fun way to celebrate Independence Day, but they can cause bodily harm and damage property. We would like everyone to enjoy a fun and safe holiday. If celebrating with fireworks, please remember to be very careful with all levels of fireworks. Even sparklers can cause serious burns or start a fire.”

Are some fireworks illegal?  The use of aerial fireworks is illegal in Idaho without a permit and can cause life-changing harm or damage to person or property. In recent years, one Nampa residence had a $1.5 million loss when an illegally lit aerial firework landed on their roof and destroyed the home.

Finally a personal message from the city of Nampa.

We ask residents to be respectful of surrounding neighbors and animals if enjoying fireworks. Individuals who choose to use illegal fireworks can and will be held legally and financially responsible for the injuries or damage the fireworks created.

Additional information on fireworks safety tips from the National Safety Council can be found


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