While most of us might be coming off a fun weekend of having margaritas with our sister on the patio at Barrelhouse, celebrating our son's 4th birthday party or watching the Mayweather vs McGregor fight with friends, the folks in Houston had a very different weekend. 

Huston, TX and surrounding communities are experiencing unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey.  One of my friends has family in the area and the photos she showed me from her brother's porch security camera were chilling.  One of our co-workers received pictures of tornadoes near his mom's house before finding out that some family members were on the roof of their home waiting to be rescued. Their stories are just two of many coming out of the rain-soaked Lonestar State.

Thanks to the power of the internet, some storm stories have gone viral. One video, that's been re-tweeted over 11,500 times, shows a reporter who stops in the middle of her report to flag down a sheriff's department truck towing a boat.  She and her photographer had spotted a truck driver stuck in the cab of his truck as 10 feet of flood waters were about to reach its windows.  Thanks to the KHOU team flagging down the sheriff's department, the driver was rescued before the cab filled with water. It's a great story in the midst of a natural disaster...but it's even more interesting to those of use in the Treasure Valley.

If you watch the video and think to yourself "gee, that reporter looks awfully familiar," you're not crazy.  According to the Idaho Statesman, the reporter in the video is Brandi Smith who worked as a reporter/weather person at Channel 6 from 2004-2006. She and her photographer, Mario, are real heroes today! Check out the video below.

Help Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts

The Gem State is already sending crisis crews to Houston to help with recovery efforts, but not everyone can pick-up and head south to help pitch in.  That's why the Red Cross has teamed up with mobile providers to make it easy for you to help just by sending a text message.  Texting the word "Harvey" to 90999 will add a $10 donation to your cell bill and immediately help rescue and recovery crews get to work.  Jeff Connell has more details HERE.

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