Last week, we shared with you the news that Fox News was profiling Idaho and many other states where Conservative folks are moving from California. We then believed other states would be included in the Fox News series. 

Regrettably, we've discovered that the news channel's four-part series, while well-executed, focused solely on Couer d/Alene and Sandpoint, completely bypassing the Treasure Valley. We were hoping for a more comprehensive portrayal of our state.

We'll share the four links below with you. The series is well done, interviewing new and old Idahoans and discussing how the state has changed for the better and the worse. 

Idaho is a diverse state encompassing more than just the beautiful Conservative North Idaho. Relying solely on these reports might give you a skewed view of our state's geography.

It's a shame Fox News chose not to profile the Treasure Valley. Our area is where the action is, home to industry and the largest concentration of people. 

The first part of the series examines the exodus from liberal California, Oregon, and Washington to the Gem State. It breaks down the number of people who have had it with progressive governments eliminating their constitutional rights. 

The second article looks at the families who now call Idaho their home. The people's profile was to share their love of the Second Amendment and how the states they fled from became more dangerous. 

Article three profiles the political dynamic in the Gem State. Several folks describe how their influence has made the state more Conservative. A former California Highway Police Officer shares how he left California three months after visiting Idaho.

The final Fox News article interviewed several folks who had left Washington State because of their new firearms restrictions. A few Idaho gun stores tell the Fox folks how Washingtonians buy many guns from the Gem State.

We hope that Fox News will take a look at the many great attractions in attractions in the Treasure Valley. 

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