School over the past year has looking nothing even close to "normal". Whether it be the way that teachers are expected to plan and instruct from home or empty classrooms to the way the students have been expected to just get behind a screen and have the same beneficial experiences as being in a classroom-- nothing has been the same. While many argue that this hurdle will make students more resilient, others believe that these measures will have put a burden on students that we will see results of years down the road. Debate aside, I can't imagine having been restricted to online school during a time that there were no sports or activities, too. The best part of school was always, of course, spending time with friends and just being kids!

No matter the circumstance for me growing up, math was NEVER my strong suit. My parents knew it and probably hated it-- I mean, I hated how bad I was at it too. I just wanted math to be OVER WITH. By the way, I've never had to "solve for X" in my adult life-- I digress.

Whether the pandemic has left you feeling a little behind on math or perhaps you just aren't the best with numbers, as was always the case for me, the State of Idaho's Superintendent of Public Instruction has announced a partnership that will allow Idaho students to get FREE online math tutoring.

The program looks pretty legitimate and is offered at Schoolhouse.World  and the program also offers college entrance exam prep which is invaluable. Rhode Island, North Dakota, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Mississippi are just some other states utilizing this platform.


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