Our show this week has caused the world of Furries to take to social media expressing their outrage at the comments on the program.  If you missed the show, we looked at local students who identify as animals in local schools.  Several parents called in saying that students should be surrounded by an educational environment, not one where kids are hissing at each other in the hallways.  

The Furries have taken to Twitter to condemn the Kevin Miller Show and the callers of Idaho.  We have documented their tweets and will share them with you below.  A question to the furries, is if it's not an issue, why such an outrage?  Are we getting close?

The following contains adult language that we would not use on the radio.

    Unlike the Furries, we want to hear from everyone, whether you're a Furry or a regular human.  One cannot debate that folks dressed up at school or in the workplace are an unnecessary distraction.  We once again invite the Furries to join us for an adult conversation.  It's easy and immature to post something on social media, if you're a serious person, then join us in the arena of ideas.

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