Idaho is a state where independence valued and cherished. Men and women routinely camp, hunt, fish, and love their firearms. We proudly salute those folks who support the Second Amendment. Every year KIDO Talk Radio presents the Girls with Guns competition. Over the years, we've had millions of people voting for their favorite girl. The 2017 Contest had over six million votes. We call that Second Amendment Gem State love.

In the Idaho Desert with my Springfield XDS and AR-15

The 2018 Girls with Guns competition features our best prizes yet thanks to our sponsor Independence Indoor Shooting in Meridian.

Here's a list of prizes for the top three vote-getters:

Now is the time to get your entries in now.  All entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 22nd.  The judging rounds will begin shortly after the 22nd.  All guns with the exception of AR15s and machine guns will be accepted.  All contestants must be 18 and over.

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