Today is the first day of Miller's Mission where we ask you to help our friends at the Boise Rescue Mission.  The Mission feeds over 1,000-1,200 families daily thanks to your local donations.  The Boise Rescue Mission receives no government assistance, all programs are funded through your generosity.  Every year, November in the Fall and May in the Spring, Kevin Miller lives at the Nampa Walmart on Garrity and Franklin.  Our November campaign asks you to donate a turkey.

reverend bill

Every year I get the opportunity to dress up as a turkey.  It's amazing how many people love that turkey outfit.  Our goal is to make sure that we grab your attention and give whatever you can to make a difference.  The Mission is always looking for volunteers and paid staff.  You can contact them if you'd like to get more involved.  Here's a list of volunteer opportunities.

  • Serving meals
  • Sorting donated items
  • Folding letters
  • Driving our guests to appointments
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Job coaching
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Building repairs
  • Seasonal decorating
  • Hosting an event
  • And much more

I'll be living here till Saturday night at 6pm.  We're taking your donations from 5am-7pm daily.  The reason why I live at the Walmart is to highlight was it's like to be without a home.  They're so many people that don't have a roof over their head, being here, makes me appreciate what I have.  I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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