As I’m sure you’ve heard about by now, Omicron is making its way through the Treasure Valley and with that surge of covid cases also comes surges of staffing shortages and other complications.

Unfortunately, this is intertwined through everything in our community. Schools are closing, businesses are closing (or at the very least changing their hours), and grocery stores are running out of supplies. The supply issues could actually be a nationwide struggle, as there are massive delays and shortages due to terrible weather conditions and not having enough truck drivers etc.

Basically, there were already shortages and delays due to covid, and now that’s amplified because of the crazy winter weather throughout the nation.

KTVB7 recently interviewed Shay Myers (CEO of Owyhee Produce in Parma, Idaho) about these recent issues and what she had to say was fascinating; “The reason for the empty spaces on some grocery store shelves is due to winter weather conditions, truck driver shortages, and omicron infections, slowing down the entire process.”

Myers claims truckers are down by more than 40%, many truckers are getting too old, and not many young people are becoming truckers. KTVB7’s article states, “People need to get younger generations into trucking, but in order to do that, the age limit needs to be revisited. Currently, in order to drive a truck interstate, drivers need to be at least 21 years old, and Myers believes by that age many of them have already chosen a different career path.”

Truck drivers are one of the most critical positions for these stores, but there are also shortages in every position, especially with the spike of Omicron, and if you ask me, a lack of desire to work these kinds of jobs anymore.

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