If you had to pick one moment in pop culture to define your age, what would it be? 


There's no better way to joke about how old you are than by bringing up old fads, landmarks and events that were unique to your childhood.  It's hard to pick just one piece of pop culture to describe how "old" I am, but if we had to pick one we'd have to say "We're Beanie Baby old." Those cute little guys would be closely followed by Giga Pets, Furby and Eureka's Castle "old."

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Those are fond memories that kids born in the late 80s could share with each other, no matter where they grew up in the country but, let's be honest...the Treasure Valley certainly had its own memories, events and quirks that only those who grew up here could define their childhood by!

We dug up a couple of those old memories and want to know how "Old Boise" you are! Tell us how many of these things you have a clear memory of!

How Old Boise Are You?

If you remember at least 10 of these 15 things vividly, you can proudly call yourself "Old Boise!"

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Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The genie's out of the bottle and there's nothing we can do to stuff it back in. The population boom comes with plenty of growing pains and there are two ways you can deal with it. You can complain about it on social media or you can laugh at it and remember some of the things that make living here so awesome! We prefer the second one and that's why these stickers designed by Boise OG have us rolling on the ground laughing!

Do You Remember When Boise Had An Adorable Amusement Park?

Once upon a time, Boise was home to a small amusement park called the Boise Fun Spot. Some generous contributors in the "Boise & the Treasure Valley History" All of Idaho's History group gave us permission to share their family photos of the park! You can learn more about its history HERE.

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