Life felt simpler, back in the day...

Back before the dawning of the digital age.


Before the internet had absolutely boomed, and was integrated into every facet of our lives. 

Before cell phones were common, let alone in the hands of every person, including children. 

Back before social media was invented, when our personal lives were exactly that: personal. And not on display for everyone to see. 


It’s crazy how quickly the times have changed. There seems to be a clear distinction between generations, and it’s drawn at: “before the internet” and “after the internet.” 

It’s been popularly said that the babies born in the 90’s were the last generation to play outside, before the internet would forever change life as we knew it.


Because of this, many kids these days will never know or understand the struggles we felt before everything turned digital. 

Maybe we’re feeling extra nostalgic today or maybe we’re hoping to bring a little light to these recent dark times, but let’s take a trip down memory lane to reminisce about the good old days:


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