We're a week into November, and conversations are becoming all about the holiday spirit. The big question on many of our minds is when to kick off the Christmas lights? This is a fairly controversial topic around this time of year, as Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet.

But as we get closer to the holiday season, the debate over the right time to light up your house with those twinkling bulbs is back in full swing. Is it appropriate to start them up before Thanksgiving, right after, or somewhere in between? See what locals are saying!

Locals answer: How soon is too soon for Christmas lights in Boise?

The opinions on this are all over the map. Some Idahoans can't wait to get into the holiday groove and start decorating even before they've had their Thanksgiving celebrations. Others are old-school and stick to the rule of waiting until after Thanksgiving.

We've conducted some small polls and surveys on social media, asking Boise residents what they think, and there was definitely a wide range of responses.

One Boise neighbor said, "I've had my Christmas lights up since Halloween! The earlier, the better!" Meanwhile, another neighbor commented, "Christmas lights should only go up after Thanksgiving. It's a tradition!"

The verdict? There isn't one! The holiday season is all about spreading joy, and when you choose to light up your house is entirely up to you. So, don't worry about when to start – just do what feels right to you and your family.

When Should You Turn on Your Christmas Lights in Boise?

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