It’s no secret that Idaho has some of the WORST driving conditions in the winter. Especially in the more rural parts of Idaho. But, a few days ago this multi-car pile-up in Fremont County highlighted the dangers of these icy roads, and why you need to be careful.

The Idaho State police sent this tweet about the accident:

A Fremont County local released bystander footage of this horrific crash.


Idaho Car Crash Footage from Fremont County Local Released


And here is footage of the crash covered by Local News 8:


How California Transplants are responding:

Transplants from other states like California are SHOCKED to see these weather conditions in Idaho. This crash in particular shocked born and raised Idahoans too.

It’s got to be tough coming from a moderately warm and neutral temperature state to one with drastic changes in temperatures, and winters that cause these kinds of accidents.

If you’re new here or born and raised, be careful on those winter roads!

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