If you thought Florida was the only state with alligators … you thought wrong. But don’t worry, I did too. Personally, I thought alligators would only be found in Idaho zoos, but apparently, they’re also at these amazing hot springs in Buhl, Idaho (just an hour and a half away from Boise).

Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs (Exit 141 about 120 miles from Boise) is much more than just a great place for hot springs, it also acts as an awesome day trip or weekend getaway. There are four larger public pools and 15 private hot pools for reservation, and really unique campgrounds that have geometric domes for staying the night in.

However, it's starting to get much warmer so you may not want to get in the hot pools, but there are other pools and things to do that still make this a great Spring/Summer attraction.

For example … there are also alligators living there. Which is frightening to say the least.

(Keep scrolling for some awesome photos of the place!)

In the 1990s, the owners of Miracle Hot Springs discovered that their hot springs perfectly emulated the natural habitat of alligators, and then the idea was sparked that having alligators would make these hot springs a unique and memorable experience for visitors … and that has proven to be 100% true.

Google Maps | Miracle Hot Springs
Google Maps | Miracle Hot Springs

While you’re in the area, try visiting the nearby incredible food places – including some of the best pizza, pie, and ice cream you’ll ever have. There's plenty to check out in Buhl, and I would say if you’re looking for a great day trip or weekend getaway, this trip to Buhl will not disappoint.

This Hot Springs Attraction Has Alligators

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