Farming is one of the noblest and most necessary professions in the world we live in today. Farmers do not get time off or sick days and rarely take vacations. But now, a new global movement for climate change has caused many farmers to take to the streets in protest.  

The move by Dutch Farmers is because the country wants them to reduce their livestock by thirty percent and reduce their use of fertilizers by seventy percent. The move has spread throughout Europe and in parts of Canada.  

A look at like on an Idaho Dairy Farm, story continues after gallery.

Dairy Farm Life

The life and times on a dairy farm.

Lawmakers want to pass new fossil fuel laws to reduce their country's carbon footprint. Part of the legislation is to increase the tax on fuel and fertilizer. They say the climate change policies will not allow them to grow their crops properly, leading to food shortages and higher food costs.  

Forbes Magazine details the worldwide attack on farming, calling it 'a coordinated effort against the western world's agricultural center.'

The Biden Administration empowers the SEC to regulate large and small farms across the country. Yes, the Security and Exchange Commission would like to be able to tell farmers that if they do not meet the federal climate change criteria, the government will not allow them to purchase items like feed and fertilizer.

The move would hurt family owed farms that barely survive due to their slim profit margins.  Larger companies could divest of their US farms and move their operations to China or Brazil.

Congress has challenged this proposal, but already 23 Democrats have signed a letter of support for it.

We will continue to keep you updated on the Climate Disclosure Bill as it continues to move its way through Congress.

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