President Biden was in Boise for a few hours this week. In between the gushing from local media, the state Democratic Party, and Boise Mayor Lauren McClean, Idahoans wonder what was really accomplished by the president's visit?  

According to Fox News,  the president blamed Idaho wildfires for global warming. The president then veered off course that officials at the White House cut his feed uncomfortably in mid sentence.   

    To quote the great western philosopher Brittany Spears, "oops he did it again.  The president bragged that he almost worked for Boise Cascade.  However a quick inquiry into Biden's tall tale reveals that the company has no knowledge of Joe ever applying for the job.   The New York Post reached out to Boise Cascade.    

    One person who was very happy to greet the President was Boise Mayor Lauren McLean.  She issued an extensive release on how she and the president are fighting global warming.  We will have a report on how Idaho reacted to Biden's brief visit in a soon to be released article.  However, here is the mayor, not the governor, greeting the president in Boise.  Please send your captions to me at  

  By the way, over 2,000 Idahoans showed up Monday to protest the president's visit.  So what did the president accomplish by visiting Idaho?  His feed cut because he went off- script, a mistake about his resume, blaming Idaho for global warming, teaming up with the Boise mayor on climate change, and motivating Idaho Conservatives?  Maybe the president should visit us more often?  

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

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