The ACLU of Idaho is mad.  They're so angry they're pondering whether of not to sue Idaho School districts for requiring girls to wear white or pastel dresses to graduation.  What about the boys?  They must wear pants and a tie.  Is it asking too much that kids look good and not like bums when they graduate?

Apparently a dress code is gender discriminatory according to the ACLU of Idaho.  In fact, there are no rules for student dress at prom or graduation.  Here's their guidelines for student dress at prom and graduation according to their website:

Public schools can implement certain rules about what to wear at a prom, but they can’t be different for girls and boys. So, if you’re a boy, you have the right wear a dress.

As with prom, schools can’t enforce a dress code based on gender. Girls can’t be required to wear dresses under graduation gowns and boys can’t be stopped from wearing dresses in their yearbook photos.

The ACLU sent out a warning to all of the Idaho School District warning them about defining dress requirements according to KTVB.  Currently Cassia County is requiring females to wear dresses and boys to wear ties.

Doesn't the ACLU have anything better to do than destroy proper dress standards?  Let's send a message and support dress codes for schools and graduations!


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