Idaho is on the brink of an urgent and potentially devastating water crisis, a threat to its long-term prosperity. While the state has been commendable in managing one of the earth's most precious resources, the impending water crisis seems to be a concern that is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Our area's geography, the Treasure Valley, is called the mountain desert. The Gem State's canal system is one of the best in the world and is designed to keep Idaho as one of the most productive agriculture-producing states.  

However, Idaho's unregulated growth has caused many, including the author, to question the reliability of the Gem State's water supply. Farms have been replaced by massive subdivisions whose water consumption doesn't refill the aquifers.

Idaho has welcomed large corporations like Facebook and Micron that will tax the state's water supply system. It's not uncommon for drought warnings to be declared along with water rationing. Caldwell turned off their water early a few years ago due to water supply issues.

Thankfully, the state avoided bankrupting farmers by cutting off their water supply. The issue grabbed the attention of Fox News and Fox Business. A water 'agreement' threatened to turn millions of revenue-producing potatoes into unsellable dirt.

The state reached an agreement announced by the lieutenant governor, who released this statement.

"The past few weeks have been difficult for everyone affected by this water crisis. The many hours of discussion and negotiation have highlighted areas of agreement as well as areas of deep disagreement among water users in the region.

I appreciate that our southern Idaho surface water and groundwater users were able to put aside their differences and come together to create an equitable solution that guarantees no water is shut off, no Idaho laws are broken, and the crops already in the ground will be ready for harvesting."

Idaho taxpayers trust our elected officials to manage the state, keep the lights on, and ensure we don't run out of water. No one wants Idaho to resemble another Arizona.

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