In a twist to the holiday season, Caldwell water customers were surprised with a $69 credit on their water bills this month, according to a recent press release from the City of Caldwell.

The release sates, "The one-time credit was made possible during the 2024 budget process when Mayor Wagoner and City Council approved a one-time rebate. The rebate came from a surplus of fund balance in the sanitation fund." The City of Caldwell announced the one-time credit as a gesture of goodwill to ease the financial burden for residents during the holiday season.

Mayor Wagoner says, "Providing this credit to customers was a pleasure for the City Council and myself. We know this time of year can be financially difficult so we think using this surplus to give back comes at a good time and that this small credit can make a difference."

For those facing water bill challenges, there is a program called the City's Caldwell Cares program, and that's an available recourse provided by the community for the community. Supported by the generosity of Caldwell residents and in partnership with The Salvation Army, Caldwell Cares provides water bill payment assistance to customers in need.

This surprise credit not only brings financial relief but also underscores the community spirit thriving in Caldwell during this Christmas season.

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